Getting Started

 Learn Who God Is

The Bible is a big book and sometimes hard to know where to jump in. Here is a reading plan to help begin. A chapter a day is a good goal but feel free to read more!

Bible Reading Plan

We chose the Recovery Bible because it has notes that will directly link the text to recovery issues. Please take the time to not only read the Bible text but also the notes. They are rich!

In the beginning was the Word


Read a chapter from the book of John and when you are done, begin the book of Mark.

The first Christians

The Holy Spirit

Read one chapter of Acts and a chapter of Proverbs each day.

God’s gift of grace through Jesus Christ

God The Father

Read a chapter from the book of Romans and one Psalm each day.

Live your identiy


Read a chapter from the book of Ephesians and Psalms. When you finish the Psalms, read a Proverb again. You can’t read them too much!

Walk in love

God Is Love

Read a chapter from the the book of 1 John and Genesis 1.

Great job!

Now continue to read through the New Testament, Isaiah and Deuteronomy. Watch our updates on this page and our Facebook and Instagram pages.