Heirs of Increase

You are not governed by this world’s system because you’ve been born again from death into life! You’ve become a citizen of the Kingdom of God, a member of the Royal Household of Faith! It is your right and privilege¬†to live in the fullness of the blessing.¬†
  1. Gen 12:2-3 foundation scripture
    Numbers 23:19 God doesn’t lie!
    Gen 13:1-2 it didn’t take very long
    1 John 5:4 how we overcome the system
    Romans 10:17 faith fuel
    Gal 3:29 you’re an heir!
    Gen 17:2 a covenant of increase
    Gen 17:7 it’s everlasting
    Gen 24:1 blessed in every way
    Gen 26:1-3 don’t go for help, I’ve got this
    Ps 89:34 If I said it, I’ll do it!
    Gen 26:12-14 received 100 times more
    Eph 3:20-21 beyond imagination!